Safety is a core value at Bharat solar network Limited and integrated into all activities. Bharat solar network Limited staff and management are committed to managing health and safety risk through the implementation of an Integrated Safety Management System. This commitment to protect people, the public, and the environment applies equally to scientists, engineers, operations support, subcontractors, and anyone doing work at Bharat solar network Limited.

Bharat solar network Limited continuously improves systems to meet the challenges of an ever-changing work environment. Our health and safety professionals work to anticipate changes, recognize the hazards associated with those changes, and develop effective control measures—all in an effort to provide a safe and healthful workplace for our staff.

Environmental Protection

Bharat solar network Limited has an Environmental Management System to carry out environmental stewardship commitments in the areas of sustainability, pollution prevention, site conservation, minimization of water and energy use, transportation, materials, education and communication, compliance, and continuous improvement.